Fellowship: How Do I Meet People?

Experience fun and fellowship inside and outside the church!
Experience fun and fellowship inside and outside the church!

The Room is not a place for spectators. It is a place that promotes interaction and engagement.   Whether you are a five-year old child, a sixty-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at The Room.


Life Groups, or Zones as they are also called, were put in place to create connected communities at The Room.  The concept involves you being “assigned” to a group that is led by a representative from our ministerial team or other lay leader.   Each week, Life Groups meet on Wednesday nights as a part of Soul Food Bible Study. Our sessions vary, but they often times begin with a recap of Sunday’s message, so please bring the “Sermon Notes” you are given on Sunday mornings it they were provided.  Your participation provides opportunity for greater spiritual accountability, fellowship, and small group discussion.  Other times, we like to study a particular book or topic as a corporate body for discussion in the individual groups. Our Life Groups operate on a 10-week semester system, with two weeks (separating each semester) designated for  fellowship and community service.  Once you connect with a Life Group, your Zone Leader will reach out to you with additional specific information for your group.


Justified (Just) Women Ministries was birthed through First Lady Almeta Radford in 2001 and seeks to minister,  giving opportunity for Christian fellowship, spiritual growth, and the development of talents and gifts.  JWM blends together the talents and abilities of all women in the church, with a primary goal to energize (stimulate/activate) the ladies to help fulfill God’s vision for the Upper Room.  In addition to internal fellowship, JWM provides opportunities for women to fellowship beyond the four walls of the church through various outings such as shopping trips, theatre performances and spiritual “advances”.


Underneath the gruff, rough and tough exterior of a man, beats the heart of a little boy trying to make sense out of what he’s been thrust in to. How do you become a man? The best-kept secret to becoming a man is COMMUNICATION! Men typically don’t talk. Pride, shame, anger, frustration, and distrust are just a few reasons why men don’t talk, but man’s deliverance is found in his ability to open his mouth! When Mighty Men of Valor get together, wear a hard hat because something is always going to come down! Issues that directly effect and infect men’s lives are discussed and addressed from a Biblical stand point. All fellowships are rated “R” — REAL!


Even though marriage is one of the most important institutions, it is the one which is under the most attack–internally and externally. The Room offers frequent sessions for husbands and wives for a time of refreshment and recalibration for their marriage. 


An important component of the worship experience is ministry through music. This was David’s ministry in the palace with King Saul. Elisha, the prophet, called for the minstrel (the musician) to play and as he played, the hand of the Lord moved and the Word of God came forth. The Ministry of Music consists of the Praise Ensemble, URCC Chorale, Youthful Soul Sounds for Christ youth choir (ages 13 and up), God’s Little Voices (children 3-12) and a male chorus. This ministry ushers us into the presence of the Lord by creating an atmosphere that welcomes and blesses Him.


In obedience to the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples of all men and women, who have by faith believed on him and received His free gift of eternal life, this ministry vows to take “church membership” a step further. Here Biblical foundations are laid, strengthened and further built upon. Biblical principles and fundamentals of faith are presented and made applicable in such a way that disciples emerge equipped to do the work of the ministry placed before them.

Various components make up this ministry. They include, but are not limited to:

SOUL FOOD BIBLE STUDY/LIFE GROUPS: A weekly interactive Bible study facilitated primarily by the Pastor where the Word of God is examined for its applicable use in day to day life.  Life Groups are small groups of people within The Room family that gather regularly to encourage and support one another in their walk with Christ. While Sunday morning is a great time for gathering together in worship, it does not allow for the development and ongoing cultivation of intimate friendships and spiritual growth. Life Groups are designed to help facilitate this. If you have never visited one of our Life Groups, join us on a Wednesday night during Soul Food Bible Study. If you are looking for a church home, you may want to check out what we are “eating” on Wednesday nights.  We’d love to see you!

INTERCESSORY PRAYER: God said that the church should be a “house of prayer for all nations” (Isiah 56:7).  At The Room, we believe prayer should be the most consistent discipline offered in the church.  Weekly prayer sessions where intercession is made on behalf of others within and outside the Body of Christ.  Intercessory prayer is

COVENANT PARTNERSHIP: This is one of the most important yet highly underrated ministries within the Body of Christ. All disciples who have completed New Disciples Orientation belong to this ministry! New Christians, perspective church family members, backsliders who’ve found their way back home or anyone else that makes a conscious decision to give God the reigns of their life automatically are put on the devils “hit” list. Because of this they need someone to encourage, agree and pray with them that their decision for Christ was indeed the right one. This partnership is the third component of that 3-fold chord that is not so easily broken. Information is exchanged and contact is made regularly to encourage and promote fellowship in order that those coming into our family don’t feel alone. Without this ministry our churches might as well install revolving doors.

NEW BELIEVERS CLASS: Class for new and young believers designed to make the transition from darkness to light a smooth one, by outlining and explaining the important truths about this new life in Christ. This class teaches fundamental aspects of salvation and sets forth a proper foundation for healthy spiritual growth. 

NEW DISCIPLES ORIENTATION: Orientation consists of six informative and interactive sessions outlining the structural nature of The Room and gives a description of the various ministries in operation. This component of ministry exists to familiarize those who’ve expressed a desire to become a part of the Upper Room church family with who we are, why we’re here, where we’re going and how we plan on getting there. Those who successfully complete orientation receive a Discipleship Certificate along with all “rights and privileges” of a URCC Family Member.